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Posted Jun 17 2011

Kelli Berglund is selected by Disney XD to co-star in TV Pilot

Michelle leaves set of Six Degrees of TV for Canadian channel

Top producers from That 70's Show are at the helm, encouraging Kelli to maximize her many skill sets including acting and dancing to play with her team mates in this dynamic action adventure TV series. Kelli gets to "play to her strengths" says Howard Meltzer, Casting Director, showing her lively natural comedy delivery and vivacious personality.

While Disney executives are currently in "holding pattern" before a greenlight can be determined, Kelli is making the most of this opportunity which could catapult her young career.

Currently Kelli is studying photography, as she loves being behind the lens as much as in front of it. Her father bought her a professional camera when she booked the series. Kelli has an inquisitive mind and a technology background, and enjoys editing mini-movies of her own on her lap top. As a trained dancer for most of her fifteen years, she recently took another national honor at dance championships for her lyrical contemporary solo performance.

Kelli BerglundIn addition, Kelli is motivated to audition for other opportunities in commercials, dance, voice over. She continues working regularly with her long-time manager, Michelle Zeitlin, who has been coaching and developing Kelli since she was nine years old. Kelli's father, Mark Berglund has referred to Zeitlin as Kelli's "other mother--the business mother that allows us to be Kelli's parents."
Kelli and Michelle are also brainstorming ideas for her professional development. Kelli will be taking singing lessons and exploring her musical side, and she co-hosted a promo for a live show tour for the school districts about health and wellness for kids, called Nutrishaliscious, that Zeitlin produced and directed.

It's not easy waiting to hear whether this show will become a regular series for the network, so Kelli is doing what any young high school teen would do on her summer break--spending time with family, dancing, swimming and texting to her TV co-stars

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