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Posted Jun 01 2005

Ability First Event

More Zap Productions' dancers step up for a good cause, performing for the ABILITY FIRST event for handicapped consumers.

Thanks to Jeremiah Tatum (Alvin Ailey Company) Aisha Francis (Laker Girls) Angela Stover (Paul McCartney Tour) Christy Stover (Bob Conti's We Celebrate America) and Candy Brown (Choreography Central New Breed) for donating their dance talents.

"Michelle, I just wanted to thank you and your performers for doing such a wonderful job and being so patient with us and our consumers. Everyone was great and I spoke with those who attended and they were absolutely "thrilled". Your whole group was so accommodating and did such a fantastic job. I would like to thank each of your performers in writing .... I hope that we might have an opportunity to have your group return in the future. Again, we can't thank you and your group enough, You did something very special for some very special people".
-Michael Barkyoumb, Ability First, Lawrence L. Frank Center


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