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Posted Sep 26 2008

Champion: Motivation in Motion

CHAMPION: Motivation In Motion

More Zap Forges Strategic Alliance with Vox
Partnership Produces “Champion: Motivation in Motion”

Los Angeles, September 26, 2008 – Michelle Zeitlin, Founder and Producer-Director of More Zap Productions and Management, today announced a new strategic alliance with Shawn Sedlacek, of Vox Entertainment, Inc., to produce and promote “Champion: Motivation in Motion” an innovative entertainment and training platform to bring out everyone’s personal best in the workforce.

“What we’ve designed here is a unique motivational entertainment concept for companies,” said Zeitlin. “Participants are being entertained and inspired by live performances of world-class athletes on stage to pumping music, at the same time that they are gaining important lessons about how to bring out their own personal best… training, discipline, dedication…All delivered in a compelling way.”

Shawn Sedlacek noted that these are “totally customizable” shows, in which the content of each presentation is created with the client’s specific needs and agenda in mind. For example, he said, “We have original, challenging team-building platforms that are integrated with multimedia presentations and live entertainment, creating an effective delivery system that has the ‘wow factor’!”

In announcing their new creative alliance, both Zeitlin and Sedlacek noted that they had joined forces because each brings distinct expertise. Zeitlin is a veteran choreographer, live event producer, and talent manager. Sedlacek is a technical designer whose company offers state-of-the-art staging and production capabilities.

Zeitlin and Sedlacek have partnered before, to great success, including co-producing the Breeders Cup at Paramount Studios, Hollywood. In that event, which attracted more than 15,000 guests, More Zap was responsible for choreographing and directing original entertainment featuring Broadway dancer-singers, and original musical arrangements. Vox booked the event’s marquee band, built the staging and directed the audio visual. They have also collaborated on accounts including Remy Martin, designing red-carpet live events and campaign branding.


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