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Posted Jan 19 2010

Nutrishaliscious gains MOMENTUM! First Funding for Educational Development!

Nutrishaliscious and Juice PLUS!

Kelli Berglund

Kelli Berglund, now co-starring in the role of "Bree" for new Disney XD tv show "Lab Rats", is the host for our NUTRISHALISCIOUS project.
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Please see the NUTRISHALISCIOUS page for info and photos

To: More Zap Productions
Dear Michelle Zeitlin:

On behalf of the Juice Plus+ Children’s Foundation, it is my pleasure to offer a charitable contribution for the continued research and development of the NUTRISHALISCIOUS projects.

Our Foundation is focused on improving the health and well being of children all over the world through better education and nutrition. When we found out about the NUTRISHALISCIOUS project, it was obvious that our missions are aligned. Your project is very innovative and has all of the components to creatively help educate and support our children to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

It takes a village to raise a healthy, happy child and by working together, we truly can make a difference.


Linda Cole
Executive Director
Juice Plus+ Children’s Foundation


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